Light Steel Structure is a one of the fastest developing technique in construction industry in recent decade, the investment for no residence and industrial construction in America and Canada about this technique has reached 50%. This technique has a big future market because it is easily used in industrialization and commerce with the advantages of the high-speed completion and attractive comprehensive output.

In China, research center and relative researching work for Light Steel Structure technique have been established in many cities, as a result, many designing plans and completed house in this technique has finished. Light Steel House has showed a threat to traditional house market in the support of its advantages of big room, flexibility, fast completion and anti-earthquake. Ministry of Construction of China has passed and implemented a series rules and regulations to encourage energy-saving and environmental protection, which will bring a bright future for the Light Steel Structure Market.

Light steel is one of the fastest growing construction resources in the construction industry. Light steel provides mechanical strength, resists corrosion and requires little maintenance, making it readily adaptable for industry, commerce, and housing. Our services portfolio includes the following


Associated Technologies steel fabrications are custom designed to meet customer demand. Our engineers approach each project with meticulous attention to feasibility, economy, and building conditions. With your specific requirements in mind, we develop assembly concepts, blue-prints, and architectural drawings that address all of your building requirements. This advanced design capability is what allows us to produce superior structural and architectural components for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


Associated Technology has been supplying our customers with innovative fabrication solutions for their construction projects since 1987. We manufacture our steel in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000 facility, which allows us to complete high-quality galvanized steel at a high speed and high volume. This specialization means that our team can guarantee a fast turnaround time on any customer order – large or small.


Machining is the most important step in steel manufacturing. Our skilled machinists utilize the most advanced metallurgical technologies available. Working with the best raw materials, we produce only the best products – closely inspected for quality – at a speed that matches your schedule and specifications.


At Associated Technologies, we understand that there is no single approach to metal finishing. Requirements differ with every project, which is why we offer the widest possible array of options to our customers: plated parts, powder coated parts, wet painted parts, and custom finished parts. Because we retain control of the entire process, from design to procurement to finishing, we can deliver products with superior quality control, lower cost, and improved lead times.


By combining our multidisciplinary capabilities with local and international resources, Associated Technologies delivers optimal construction and assembly services. We specialize in construction management, project execution, and work preparation, as well as procurement and mechanical and electrical erection and commissioning assistance. By utilizing the latest technologies, employing innovative methods and developing ever more efficient construction processes, Associated Technologies meets customer demands with precision and reliability.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is an efficient and cost-effective method of applying for and protecting patents, designing product upgrades, discovering new techniques to lower production costs and improve product performance. Our team has years of experience analyzing and designing products, parts and assemblies from simple to complex. Our engineers analyze products to reduce cost, improve performance and increase your competitive advantage in our dynamic and emerging marketplace.