Associated Technologies is a national leader in developing and constructing some of Pakistan’s most commercially viable and environmentally responsible hydro and solar power projects. Our efforts have resulted in creating financially reliable and environmentally sound energy sources nationwide.

Hydro Power

Associated Technologies’ national recognition in the hydroelectric power sector comes from our ability to recognize and harness the region’s hydro potential. Our innovative, cost-effective solutions have established us as one of the best engineering, procurement, and construction companies in the hydropower sector. In 2004 we completed construction on the Malakand III Hydropower Project, which generates over 81 Mega Watts of electricity for Pakistan’s homes and industries. We are currently partnering with the China Three Gorges Corporation for the Karot hydropower project on the Jehlum River in Punjab, which has an expected power capacity of over 800 Mega Watts. Associated Technologies has undertaken construction of Hydropower Projects on EPC basis. In collaboration with Chinese partners in 2004, Associated Technologies successfully completed the development and construction of Malakand III Hydropower project with 81 MW generation capacity. It was rated as a well-organized power generation plant costing 120 Million US dollars. Associated Technologies is currently working as a sponsor for 800MW Karot Hydropower project located on river Jehlum in Punjab. Associated Technologies has commissioned Snowy Mountain Engineering Company (SMEC-Australia) as its consultant for the project. The project is expected to be commissioned in 2014.

Solar Power

Associated Technologies offers customers a wide range of high-output solar and solar-assisted thermal power systems for commercial and domestic use. Our technicians assess financial and economic impact, assist customers with customized product selection, solar system design and fabrication, site installation and equipment commissioning for all of our solar energy solutions. In order to guarantee the optimization of site performance, our professional team also oversees the testing and maintenance of all our facilities. Scheduling and costs are controlled by the close supervision of our staff, ensuring continued financial viability for our customers’ investment.

Associated Technologies specializes in design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of solar energy systems and solutions. Since we recognize that the solar market has different needs and that emerging technologies have to be developed today to reinforce the National energy requirements, we are currently offering a wide range of solar based products, systems and solutions and in addition are working on the EPC/installation of high-out put power systems for commercial and domestic use for solar and solar-assisted thermal power projects in Pakistan.

ATL’s Solar Services Include

  • Project Planning
  • Assistance in Product Selection
  • Support Services
  • Resource Assessment & Siting
  • Economic & Financial Analysis
  • System Design & Construction
  • Training & External Communications
  • Operation & Maintenance