Our construction and engineering team has been at the center of some of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation, including civil construction, mechanical erection and electrical works- all built to specified class and protection standards. Our advanced ERP system ensures accuracy, efficiency, and economy, delivered on time and on budget

Land Surveys

The success of every project requires exacting of survey procedures, which is why we utilize high precision surveying instruments to provide cost effective field survey data collection and accurate depictions of field conditions for our customers. Errors or delays are not an option, which is why our land surveyors are highly trained experts – knowledgeable in the implementation of advanced production techniques – who ensure accurate results by adhering to the strictest quality control policies.

Construction & Development

By combining our multidisciplinary capabilities we strive to deliver high quality yet financially viable construction projects to a range of national clients. ATL’s expertise ranges from project management to procurement and prefabrication of piping, steel structures, erection of modular construction, mechanical & electrical erection and commissioning assistance.
ATL engages in complete project value chain. Our latest Construction machinery/equipment enables us to deliver projects on time and with highest level of precision. Our closely knit team ensures that each project is managed conscientiously hence delivering complete and inventive results.

Structural Engineering

Associated Technologies has been successfully engineering new and existing structures for decades. Utilizing project-specific systems and materials, we are able to implement innovative and creative solutions to even the most pressing challenges in the field. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific architectural approach, fulfill their aesthetic requirements, maximize project effectiveness, and conserve financial and material resources. We operate within a framework of ideals, principles and professionalism that reflects the highest standards of ethics, integrity and expertise.


Developing convenience mass transit systems is crucial component of resolving our nation’s economic, energy, and environmental challenges. Mass transit carries more people per load of unit weight and volume than individual transportation systems. We work with international firms to develop and deliver nationwide mass transit systems which provide a natural economic and social focal point for our communities and increase personal mobility. Each project is a step towards greater economic, educational, and individual freedom.

Water Irrigation

Associated Technologies is an important partner in Pakistan’s efforts to secure a dependable water supply for future generations. Associated Technologies has partnered with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in order to construct new high-efficiency irrigation systems on one million hectors of farmland within the next three years. We are proud to be one of the leaders helping to create a new and prosperous Pakistan.