In the wake of the existing energy crises, it is but inevitable to enforce optimum Energy Management measures in order to conserve energy and ensure averting unnecessary wastage. This option has been adopted world over even by the developing countries in order to retain the cutting-edge competitiveness in the international trade and commerce, where conservation of energy plays a pivotal role in the face of the other factors which almost are common for all.

The industrial sector of Pakistan consumers around 45% of the nation’s commercial energy and that also in an inefficient manner, as such there is a large potential of energy management and conservation, which can enable industrial units and other production plants to achieve 10% to 15% savings in their power and gas bills through identification and implementation of low-cost and small and medium cost energy conservation opportunities through energy audit and adoption of measures to affect optimum consumption of energy without compromising with their production and targets. ATL is fully equipped to meet the challenges if management and conservation of energy with its muti displine team of professional who process ample capacity for undertaking the comprehensive energy audit of the industrial units and production facilities. Resultantly the source of the leakages, wastage and hemorrhage of valuable energy could be identified for attractive plugging to avert these avoidable losses.

ATL offers its services for the following

  • Complete energy audit of an industrial unit, plant or production facility
  • Determination of optimum energy requirements of a unit, various departments if so desired and considered necessary for the better results.
  • Recommendations to adopt necessary corrective measures with a plan for practical implementation for management and conservation of energy pertaining to the unit being audited
  • Retrofitting of respective parts and assemblies of the unit in order to avert loss/wastage of energy
  • Heat Recovery for the productive purpose
  • Preventive measure to avert steam leakages
  • Introduction of renewable-energy measure like solar, wind or bio gas depending on the ground realities.
  • Please appreciate that “Energy Audit” is the first step towards affective and practical implementation of the management and conservation of energy, which is bound to result in visible and substantial savings in the power and gas bills of an industrial concern. It is a win-win solution to the existing problems like high costs of energy with meager supplies.
  • The costs of the energy audit are financially feasible and amounts to a fraction of the total savings achieved through implementation of proper and suitable measures for management and Conservation of energy.